Posted: Thursday, 10 August 2017
Work type: Volunteer
Hours required: 10 hours per week (on average)
Location: 333 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3004

Position title: Design Group Lead

Supervision & support: 

Team: Marketing & Communications
Report to: Marcomms Team Lead
Department: Operations

Key responsibilities: 

The Design Group Lead is the creative driving force behind the conceptualisation and design of the program’s media projects and campaigns. The role requires a strong sense of curiosity and vision, exploring new ideas, perspectives and process from both a creative fact as well as technical and technological aspects. This includes gathering specific information within the project cycle and designing solutions to meet the needs of the program’s projects and campaigns. This means establishing good communication skills with fellow Marcomms group leads and an understanding of design and technical issues that the team must address in the design process. The Design Group Lead constantly evaluates the project’s over-all look, feel, and aesthetics, and will divide time between design work and supervising the work of the design group working on projects.

Main duties also include:

  • Utilise vivid imagination practices to understand project and campaign briefs and actively contribute to the brainstorming and ideation process
  • Design explorations for user interfaces and related visual design, creating user interface designs referencing latest platform innovation and technology advancements
  • Undertake research and analysis of pertinent design & technological trends that affect the way the program is/should be connecting with our audiences
  • Effectively translate verbal ideas into multimedia experiences by maintaining strong management and communication skills – this includes the ability to work with others and to manage tasks the Design Group team must accomplish
  • Work with the Design Group to maintain the creatives library of resources on Google Drive
  • Provide guidance, reference and direction to team members, with ongoing communication to help manage concepts and deliver on project and campaign objectives
  • Create a well-thought design strategy


  • Undertaking or completion of a design or relevant arts-related degree (undergraduate or graduate is acceptable)
  • Experience in design is desired
  • At least a basic understanding of design tools and techniques, with a desire to learn; this includes a knowledge of technical restrictions and specifications of the hardware and software used
  • Available and able to commit to the program for at least 8-10 months, including through the summer holiday

Skills & Experience:

  • Organised and able to meet deadlines, completing tasks at a high standard
  • Strong leadership and management skills; ability to effectively coordinate a team, as well as provide direction for the team
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to take initiative
  • Effective time management and adapatability
  • Ability or willingness to learn how to create a well-thought marketing strategy
  • Ability to document all work done and file appropriately

Performance goals: 

  • Attend all team meetings as well as other departmental and organisational-wide meetings when required
  • Work with fellow MSP volunteers and other stakeholders in a professional manner at all times
  • Demonstrate continued capability to work individually as well as contribute to team work and discussion
  • Contribute to the development of MSP through dedication and commitment to its work and its organisational culture
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and interest in learning more, and developing and mastering personal and professional skills
  • Ensure that the office space used during for work is left clean and presentable

Benefits to the volunteer:

  • The Melbourne Space Program strives to support and encourage the personal and professional development of all its volunteers.
  • Supplement your university studies with hands-on experience that will help you hone existing technical abilities and gain new skills.
  • Gain experience working in a professional environment, with the opportunity to cultivate soft skills needed to excel in any field of work.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to work effectively in a team.
  • Challenge yourself to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Meet people who are just as passionate and ambitious as you are.
  • Make a difference – this is the opportunity to be a part of a friendly and dedicated team working to build a nano-satellite, inspire and engage Australians, and support a strong aerospace sector!

To apply, please submit a cover letter (optional) and your CV here. Questions regarding this role may be sent via our website Contact Form.