Posted: Saturday, 3 February 2018
Work Type: Volunteer
Hours Required: 10 hours per week (on average)
Location: 333 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

Position Title: HR Recruitment Officer


Team: HR

Reports to: HR Team Lead

Department: Operations


The MSP’s ACRUX-1 CubeSat is a student-designed satellite that will be launched into orbit in less than one year. As the project progresses further, the HR team within the Operations department will be responsible for managing new and current volunteers in the organisation. As part of the HR team, you will assist Team Leads and others in hiring new volunteers for their teams.

This role will involve extensive communication via email and our internal communications app, Slack. The HR Recruitment Officer will be responsible for touching base and working with various Team Leads from various departments within MSP, organising interviews, and helping to manage requests made in relation to recruitment and hiring.

Successful applicants will be provided with opportunities that cater towards their current skills and knowledge whilst also allowing for progression in skills they may have lacking.


Key duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Correspondence with potential candidates that are interested in joining the organisation
  • Organising interviews and coordinating schedules with candidates and team leads
  • Attending interviews with the Team Lead as a representative of HR, and following the recruitment procedure outlined by MSP
  • Providing feedback and suggestions for improvement or streamlining of MSP hiring processes
  • Assessing the suitability of candidates and communicating with Team Leads to determine applicant consideration
  • Keeping our records up-to-date in our HR platform (Airtable)


  • Currently undertaking a higher education degree in Victoria
  • Interest in gaining hands-on experience working within an HR team
  • Flexible schedule, able to attend meetings and interviews at our office on 333 Exhibition Street during weekdays and weekends if required


  • Organised and able to meet deadlines
  • Competent verbal and written communication skills
  • Friendly, outgoing demeanor – comfortable working with and communicating openly with others


  • Attend all team meetings as well as other departmental and organisational-wide meetings when required
  • Work with fellow MSP volunteers and other stakeholders in a professional manner at all times
  • Demonstrate continued capability to work individually as well as contribute to teamwork and discussion
  • Contribute to the development of MSP through dedication and commitment to its work and its organisational culture
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm and interest in learning more, and developing and mastering personal and professional skills


  • The Melbourne Space Program strives to support and encourage the personal and professional development of all its volunteers
  • Supplement your university studies with hands-on experience that will help you hone existing technical abilities and gain new skills
  • Gain experience working in a professional environment, with the opportunity to cultivate soft skills needed to excel in any field of work
  • Gain confidence in your ability to work effectively in a team
  • Challenge yourself to achieve personal and professional goals
  • Meet people who are just as passionate and ambitious as you are
  • Make a difference – this is the opportunity to be a part of a friendly and dedicated team working to build a nano-satellite, inspire and engage Australians, and support a strong aerospace sector!


We’d like to know more about your work and how you approach it, so we’ve come up with some questions you’ll need to address in your cover letter.

  1. Communication: Tell us about a time or experience in which you demonstrated proactive communication skills that helped you build rapport with another team member, employer or customer. What was the issue? What was the outcome?
  2. Problem-solving: Describe a time or experience in which you were faced with a challenge. What was the challenge? How did you approach it or take the initiative to fix it? What was the outcome?
  3. Project management: Choose a project or projects you’ve worked on in the past and tell us more about it. What was the project? Was it an individual or team project? Was it an assigned project or something you took up on your own? How did you go about defining its objectives and prioritising the work? What did you enjoy most about the project? What did you struggle with?

Make sure you have included specific examples or situations where you have demonstrated the qualities described in that particular question. This experience can be either professional, voluntary or personal. Feel free to include additional information in your cover letter if you want, but keep in mind that your cover letter should be no longer than one page.


To apply, please submit your cover letter and your CV here. Questions regarding this role may be sent via our website Contact Form.